Programmable power supply series granted patent for scalable parallel connection

Written by Mike Benson

July 14, 2020

TDK Corporation announced the granting of a United States patent for the GENESYS+™ series of programmable power supplies. The issued patent protects TDK Lambda’s intellectual property regarding the method used to control and monitor paralleled power supplies connected in a scalable master-slave configuration.

“This US patent recognises the years of hard work our GENESYS+™ engineering teams have put into developing this unique scalable master-slave technology,” says Doron Peled, Managing Director, TDK‑Lambda Israel. “The technical performance of the product is truly world-leading, enabling customers to optimise a wide range of demanding applications, and we are extremely pleased to now have the means to protect our intellectual property.”

Initially launched three years ago, the GENESYS+™ series has regularly expanded from 5kW 1U high models to encompass a full suite of 1.5kW to 15kW fully programmable power supplies. Output voltage and current combinations range from 0 10V to 0 600V and 0 2.6A to 0 1500A. All models in the GENESYS+™ series are capable of operating in constant voltage, constant current and constant power modes.

The series uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, offering higher power density, improved performance and enhanced functionality over existing available products on the market. The patented scalable master-slave technology allows up to thirty GENESYS+™ to be paralleled yet achieve a dynamic response and ripple and noise performance comparable to that of a single power supply.

A simple parallel data link cable is connected between units, enabling the master and slave units to automatically configure and set their parameters accordingly. The master unit then becomes the single point for programming, measurement and status, including the display of the total current of all the paralleled units.

Programming is standardised across the entire GENESYS+™ series by either utilising the front panel controls, remotely via LAN (LXI 1.5), USB 2.0 and RS232/485 communications, or by using the isolated analogue control and monitoring (0 5V, 0 10V), which are provided as standard.

Optional interfaces include a choice of GPIB (IEEE488.2) and the Anybus CompactCom interface platform for EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP and other interface options as they are released. Software drivers, a waveform creator and a virtual front panel GUI are provided in the software package. Safety features are standard in all GENESYS+™ power supplies, providing Safe/Auto Re-Start, Last Setting Memory and built-in protection functions.


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