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HID – Smart, secure access control

This overview article about contactless smart cards covers some of the basics of this widely applicable technology as well as looking at physical access control applications. Advantages Over Contact Smart Cards Contact smart cards never gained acceptance for use in...

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Glyn 80pin GFF – accessibility and deep integration 

GLYN Global Form Factor (GFF) – Robust Global Board for 4G/3G Cellular, Sigfox and LoRa The Glyn 80pin GFF range is an established form factor for cellular communication which provides the most accessibility to all the pinouts of these highly complex modules where...

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Modular Solutions

At Glyn, we are all about enabling customers to get their products to market as quickly as possible at the lowest total cost of ownership. Modular solutions provide the building blocks to be able to add standard functionality to designs and lower the...

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Rechargeable Batteries

We have been working on a variety of projects with our customers in Australia and New Zealand that require small volume batteries with high power capacities. This has led many customers to considering rechargeable batteries such as Li-Ion, Li-PO, Li- FePO4...

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Physical access control – how are credentials read?

Business Development Manager, Alan Suyko notes that the key information in this summarised HID Global article relate to: • Knowing more about access technologies work and how this can help you evaluate your choices • Learning to better understand how the...

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GLYN OEM: XBee form factor innovation

Glyn Ltd have added Cellular, Sigfox and LoRa to the wide range of products available on the Xbee format available from Digi. The Glyn XBee form factor allows for a low cost carrier board that is compatible with the Digi XBee form factor with communication...

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