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TDK InvenSense(TDK InvenSense)      more


  • 9 Axis Motion Sensing (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass)
  • 6 Axis Motion Sensing (Gyro + Accelerometer)
  • Triple Axis (X/Y/Z) MEMS Gyroscope
  • Dual Axis MEMS Gyroscope

InvenSense, Inc: Now a wholly owned subsidiary of TDK Corporation. InvenSense is part of the Sensor System Business Company within TDK and is the industry leader in MEMS Motion, Audio, and Pressure Solutions for the consumer, industrial, automotive, and IoT market segments. With a very robust portfolio of MEMS 3/6/7/9 axis motion sensors, accompanied by the highest performing MEMS audio microphones, TDK continues to push the boundaries of performance and quality; setting new standards of innovation across multiple industries.


23.10.2012 - Leading Motion Sensor Manufacturer InvenSense Appoints Glyn as its ANZ Distributor  more

MotionTracking devices from InvenSense are rapidly becoming a key function in many consumer electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart TVs as it provides an intuitive way for consumers to interact with their electronic devices by tracking motion in free space and delivering these motions as input commands. Accurately tracking complex user motions requires the use of motion sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses, and pressure sensors, fusing the sensor outputs into a single and accurate data stream for use as input commands in consumer electronics devices, and ongoing run-time calibration to ensure an optimal user experience.

Our technology is comprised of five core elements: our patented Nasiri-Fabrication process, our advanced MEMS motion sensor designs, our mixed-signal circuitry for sensor signal processing, our MotionFusion™ and calibration firmware, and our MotionApps™ software consisting of drivers and APIs for applications development on all major consumer electronics operating systems. Our patented Nasiri-Fabrication process enables direct integration of MEMS mechanical structures with standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) at the wafer level. This results in significant performance, reliability, integration and cost benefits, and enabled InvenSense to pioneer the industry’s first high-volume, commercial MEMS fabless business model. Our mixed-signal circuitry provides sensor signal processing which enables MotionFusion™ technology critical to our MotionProcessing™ platform. Our technology allows us to deliver Motion Interface solutions for all major consumer electronics applications including smartphones, tablets, game controllers, smart TVs, and wearable sensors, and with increasing levels of integration, from single-axis analog gyroscopes to fully-integrated, intelligent six and nine-axis MotionTracking™ devices.

Our current generation of MotionTracking™ devices are the six-axis MPU-6050 and the nine-axis MPU-9150. The MPU-9150 packages the InvenSense single chip 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer with onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) hardware acceleration along with a 3-axis E-Compass die to deliver the world’s first integrated 9-axis MotionTracking™ device. Our 9-axis MotionFusion™ firmware combines calibrated accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass sensor output into a single data stream for software developers to easily incorporate Motion Interface functionality in their applications.

As a result of integrating multiple sensors onto the same die and package, and providing complete 9-axis MotionFusion™ with run-time calibration software, our MotionTracking™ devices do not require the traditional calibration steps required with discrete sensor solutions by our customers. Furthermore, offloading intensive motion tracking computations from the host processor to our chip has provided entirely new capabilities and performance for consumer devices, applications and services.

InvenSense Product Catalog


Over the next 10 years, Motion Interface will enable a new era of computing where accurately tracking motion in free space and delivering this information as input commands to consumer electronics devices will drive advances in gaming, augmented reality, user interfaces based on gestures, Location Based Services (LBS), and health and fitness.

InvenSense Motion Interface

1:1 Move

Device movement is used to control input in gaming or virtual reality applications such as aiming weapons in first-person shooter (FPS) console games, viewing three-dimensional panoramic images on a tablet, or navigating through virtual reality tourist locations on a mobile phone screen.

Gesture Interface

Gesture Interface allows using the device motion as a form of input command. It enables the device to interpret your motions as a command—for example you can answer your phone by a simple shaking of the device or unlocking it by drawing your initials in the air.


Pointing enables new capabilities such as aiming a device to point-and-click content from a smart TV screen menu instead of using traditional up/down/left/right arrow keys, or pointing a smartphone towards a restaurant to view menu information and to make reservations.


Tracking adds user orientation to GPS enabled devices and, when GPS signals are not available, enables accurate indoor pedestrian navigation to help you to find your destination. This is a vital function for providing accurate location based services and to help save device power by not having to perform continuous position locking through GPS, or Wi-Fi triangulation that leads to rapid battery drain.


InvenSense is the first company to deliver Motion Interface solutions with fully integrated sensors and robust MotionFusion™ firmware algorithms. Our MotionTracking™ devices enable our customers to integrate Motion Interface capability directly into devices easily and with minimal development cost and effort. We are the pioneer and thought leader in our industry, and have delivered many game changing solutions that have enabled this market. Beginning with our world’s first dual-axis MEMS gyroscopes in 2006 for the digital still camera market, to our world’s first integrated 3-axis motion processing solution for smart phones in 2009, to the world’s first single chip integrated 6-axis MotionTracking™ device in 2010, and the world’s first integrated 9-axis MotionTracking™ device in 2012.

Our MotionTracking™ devices offer significant performance, size, cost and functionality advantages as compared to discrete sensor solutions:

  • Fully factory tested and calibrated to enable Motion Interface functionality
  • Significant reduction in package size and integration
  • Over 30% lower power consumption
  • 3x lower noise
  • On chip Digital Motion Processing (DMP)



Gyroscopes and Accelerometers Compared


Invensense MotionProcessing Demo


Industrial Balancing Act with MEMS Technology


InvenSense MotionProcessing™ Technology Demo


Virtual Drum Demo - A Wireless Multi-Node MotionProcessing™ Sensor Network


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