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BLUEGIGA - Downloads & FAQ




WT Modules - FAQ Version 1.4 (dated 19 January 2007)  168KB

Bluetooth Technology Training (by Bluetooth SIG)

Bluegiga WT11 and WT12 Modules - Get Started Guide 156KB
FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 datasheet 507KB


Frequenty Asked Questions:

Q - Is it possible to use one PCB with one common footprint that will be able to use either the WT11 or WT12 module?

A - Yes  a PCB designed for one module can be used with the other module provided the 3 extra pins  on the WT12 (pins 29-31) are not used. Also keep in mind that the PCB meant for both modules must be designed ensuring that there is no ground plane present below the antenna.

Q - If a Bluegiga module is in "PAGEMODE 2" (e.g. command = "SET BT PAGEMODE 2 2000 1"), then would I be correct in saying that no RF transmissions are sent from the module unless a CALL is made to it (e.g. "CALL 00:07:80:80:52:27 1 RFCOMM")? We believe that there will be no RF transmission from the device in "PAGEMODE 2" unless a "CALL" is made to it (completely silent over RF and only receiving data).

A - With PAGEMODE 2 iWRAP cannot be "seen" by other devices in an inquiry. The module is connectable and it can also establish connections of its own. In PAGEMODE 2 the module doesn't emit any RF unless link is opened. The radio is only listening to RF traffic between certain intervals.

Q - We have 3 units on a piconet, A, B and C:
(B) calls (A). (A) is master, (B) is slave on the link - this works.
(C) calls (A). (C) is master, (A) is slave on the link - this doesn't.

We know that we can manually change the link role using "SET {link id} SLAVE", but want to manage the roles automatically using the values set in the command "SET BT ROLE {ms_policy} {link_policy} {supervision_timeout}".

A - We have isolated this bug to the CSR firmware so we really cannot do anything about it immediately. The only workaround for this is that the A device needs to manually give "SET [link id] SLAVE" command after the connection with the C is established.