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Power Electronics

Maxwell OEM Ultracapacitors

Maxwell OEM Ultracapacitors     more      

  • Ultracapacitors
    • Board Mount Small Cells
    • High Capacity Cells
    • Modules
    • Accessories

01.02.2011 - Maxwell Technologies Introduces Ultracapacitor-Based Backup Power Module for Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems  more

Changing the Way Energy Is Stored

Available in a range of sizes and modular configurations, Maxwell's ultracapacitors bring new levels of efficiency and power to a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, hybrid cars, and renewable energy sources. Its proprietary electrode and global manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver unsurpassed value, keeping costs down while tailoring performance to specific customer requirements.

Rely on award-winning products for a proven lifespan of one million recharge cycles—even in extreme environments—helping you reduce maintenance costs while adding value to other power sources.

Ultracapacitor Applications

  • Back-Up Power
  • Regenerative Power
  • Burst Power
  • Quick Charge
  • Cold Starting

Ultracapacitor Applications By Industry

  • Wind
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • UPS Systems
  • Consumer Products
  • Forklifts and Cranes


Board Mount Small Cells
HC Series
HC Series

BCAP0001 P270 T01
BCAP0003 P270 T01
BCAP0005 P270 T01
BCAP0010 P270 T01
BCAP0025 P270 T01
BCAP0050 P270 T01
BCAP0100 P270 T01
BCAP0100 P270 T07
BCAP0150 P270 T07

  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial and automation controllers
  • Portable power tools
  • In-system, short term UPS
  • 2.7V rated voltage
  • 1F to 150F rated capacitance
  • Low internal resistance
  • Standard cell dimensions
  • 500,000 cycles
  • 10 year life capability
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +65°C
  • UL registered component, RoHS compliant, REACH compliant
D Cell Series
D Cell Series

BCAP0310 P270 T10
BCAP0350 P270 T11

  • Industrial power back up
  • Portable tool
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Short term UPS
  • Telecom base station power backup
  • 2.7V rated voltage
  • 310F and 350F rated capacitance
  • Radial mounting design for easy surface mount assembly
  • Over 500,000 cycles
  • 10 year life capability
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +65°C
  • Ultra-low internal resistance
  • UL registered component, RoHS compliant, REACH compliant
K2 Series - High Capacity Cells
K2 Series
K2 Series
BCAP0650 P270 K04
BCAP0650 P270 K05
BCAP1200 P270 K04
BCAP1200 P270 K05
BCAP1500 P270 K04
BCAP1500 P270 K05
BCAP2000 P270 K04
BCAP2000 P270 K05
BCAP3000 P270 K04
BCAP3000 P270 K05
  • Automotive subsystems
  • Back-up power
  • Grid stabilization
  • Hybrid drive trains
  • Rail system power
  • Transportation
  • Utility vehicles
  • 2.7 V operating voltage
  • 650F to 3,000F rated capacitance
  • Highest power performance available
  • Lowest RC time constant
  • Operating temperature -40° C to +65° C
  • Over 1,000,000 duty cycles
  • Threaded terminal or weldable post versions
  • Ultra-low internal resistance
16V Small Modules
16 Volt Small Modules
BMOD0058 E016 B02
  • Wind turbine pitch blade power
  • Energy harvesting
  • Engine starting
  • Short term UPS and telecom
  • Up to 16 V DC working voltage
  • 58F rated capacitance
  • 10 year lifetime
  • Up to 500,000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Operating temperature -40° C to +65° C
  • Compact, lightweight module
  • UL registered component, RoHS compliant, REACH compliant
16V Large Modules
16 Volt Large Modules
BMOD0110 P016 B01
BMOD0250 P016 B01
BMOD0500 P016 B01
BMOD0500 P016 B02
  • Telecommunications backup power
  • Truck/Bus Engine Starting
  • UPS
  • Wind turbines pitch control
  • Industrial
  • 16.2V rated voltage
  • 110F to 500F rated capacitance
  • Ultra-low internal resistance
  • Highest power performance available
  • Operating temperature -40° C to +65°
  • Lowest time constant
  • Over 1,000,000 duty cycles
  • Compact, rugged, fully enclosed splash proof design
48V Modules

48 Volt Modules

General Purpose

BMOD0083 P048 B01
BMOD0110 P048 B01
BMOD0165 P048 B01
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Mining, constructions
  • Heavy Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Bus, Train
  • UPS
  • 83F to 165F rated capacitance
  • Compact, rugged, fully enclosed splash-proof design
  • Operating temperature -40° C to +65° C
  • IP65 Environmental Protection
  • Over 1,000,000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Ultra-low internal resistance
  • Voltage and temperature sensor output included
56V UPS Modules

56 Volt UPS Modules

Application Specific

BMOD0130 P056 B02 56V, 130F
BMOD0130 P056 B03 56V, 130F, over voltage alarm
  • Datacenter UPS
  • Hospital UPS
  • Industrial Process Equipment Backup
  • Power for graceful shutdown
  • Transition power for motor-generator set or fuel cells
  • Telecom base stations
  • 52F TO 130F rated voltage
  • Standard rackmount configurations
  • 14 year lifetime (8 years at 40° C)
  • 56V operating voltage, series up to 750V
  • Up to 10KW in a half rack, 4U module
75V Modules

75 Volt Power Modules

Application Specific

BMOD0094 P075 B02
  • Grid storage / Power quality
  • Voltage regulations/VARS support for solar and wind farms
  • UPS / Backup for heavy machinery
  • Wind turbine pitch systems
  • 75 V operating voltage
  • 94F rated capacitance
  • High power density
  • Built-in temperature monitoring
  • 17 year lifetime
  • Water, dust and vibrations resistant with IP54 and SAE J2380 compliance
125V Modules

125 Volt Transportation Module

Application Specific

BMOD0063 P125 B04 Standard module with CAN communications
BMOD0063 P125 B08 B04 with E-mark certification
  • Buses
  • Electric trains and trolleys
  • Heavy duty transportation
  • Cranes, RTGS
  • Utility vehicles
  • Mining equipment
  • 63F rated capacitance
  • Over 1 million charge/discharge cycles
  • IP 65 environmental protection
  • Operating temperature -40° C to +65° C
  • CAN bus digital monitoring and communications
  • Highest power performance available
  • Temperature and voltage monitoring
  • Series connection up to 1500V
  • E-mark certified for public transportation (B08 model)
Integration Kit
Ultracapacitor Integration Kit
  • Simple design and assembly;
  • Maximize system lifetime by protecting individual cell against over voltage during rated system use;
  • Compatible with BCAP3000, 2000, 1500, 1200 and 650;
  • Applications : Fast Prototyping, Application specific modules.