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Power Electronics

Power Modules StoreGLYN has a wide range of Power Electronics devices including IGBT, Intelligent Power Modules (IPM), Thyristors, Power Management ICs, AC/DC and DC/DC Converters, Li-Ion Battery Charger ICs, Small Signal Transistors, Diodes, Ultracapacitors,Hall Effect Sensors, Current Sensors, Current Transformers and Power Transformers from leading manufacturers.

Check out also our new Power Modules website with a product range from various leading manufacturers that includes:

  • Darlington modules
  • Diode modules
  • GTR modules
  • GTO modules
  • IGBT modules
  • IPM modules
  • MOSFET modules
  • PIM power modules
  • Rectifier bridge modules
  • SCR modules
  • Thyristor modules
  • Transistor modules


Now Incorporating

Power Modules*
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • Thyristors
  • Power Modules
    • Thyristor Modules
    • Diode Modules
    • IGBT Modules
    • HVIGBT Modules
    • IPM (Intelligent Power Modules)
    • HVIPM (High Voltage IPM)
    • ASIPM (Application Specific IPM)
    • DIP-IPM
    • PFC (Power Factor Correction) Modules
  • Stacks
  • Transistor Arrays
  • HVIC (High Voltage IC)
  • Semiconductor Sensors
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Acceleration Sensor
  • Transfer Products for Power Modules (formerly Toshiba PM)
  • Mitsubishi Power Module Evaluation Boards from GLYN

* From October 2004 Toshiba Power Module business was taken over by Mitsubishi Electric.


  • Ultracapacitors
    • MC Energy Cells
    • MC Energy Modules
    • Small Cells
    • Large Cells
    • Modules & Systems
    • Accessories
  • High Voltage Capacitors

TDK-Lambda products


  • Power Supplies
  • LED Drivers
  • Power Modules
  • EMC Filters

TDK-Lambda products

  • AC/DC Offline
  • Audio
  • Backlighting Solutions
  • Automotive
  • Battery Chargers
  • Full-Bridge & Half-Bridge Power Drivers
  • Isolated & Transformer Based Power Supplies
  • Lighting
  • LDO Linear Regulators
  • Motor Drivers
  • MP Modules (Regulator with Integrating Inductor)
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) PD Solutions
  • Precision Analog
  • Supervisory Circuits / Voltage Supervisors
  • Switching Power Supply Regulators
  • USB & Current-Limit Load Switches

  • Hybrid IC
    • DC-DC Converters
    • Isolated DC-DC Converters
    • On Board Power Supplies
    • IPM Interface Module
    • IGBT Drivers
  • Small Signal Transistors & Diodes
    • Transistor PNP
    • Transistor NPN
    • Diode
    • JFET
    • Silicon Interactive Switching Device
    • Resistance Built-In Transistor
    • Composite Transistor


  • Hall Effect Current Sensors
  • Current Transformers
  • Reactor, Power Transformers