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High Quality Antennas Now Available from EAD

GLYN is now offering high quality 2.4GHz antennas from UK-based EAD which is ideal for Bluetooth, ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi applications.  2.4GHz antennas include the Stubby, Knuckle and Blade models.

The Stubby antenna with SMA male connector measures 32x8mm (incl. SMA) for the straight model and 34.5x8mm (excl. SMA) for the right-angle model and has 0 dBi peak gain.

The Knuckle antenna with SMA male connector measures 138 x 13 mm (length x diameter) and has 2 dBi peak gain.

The Blade antenna with RG174 cable and MMCX connector measures 72 x 19 x 7mm (max) and has 2 dBi peak gain, with 10W power rating making it ideal for telematics/telemetry applications.

GSM and GPS antennas from EAD are also available.

For more details about the EAD antennas, please send us an email at