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SignalQuest MEMS Microsensors Offer Easy Solutions to Real World Challenges

Part of the product design challenges in many applications involve determining the answers to the following questions in real time:

Did it move?
- Is it level?
- Did it tilt past a specific angle?
- Is it oriented vertically or horizontally?
- Did it vibrate?  Should it vibrate?
- Is it stable?
- Did it experience a sudden increase in acceleration past a certain threshold?

SignalQuest Sensors

Fortunately SignalQuest's tilt, vibration, shock, and acceleration MEMS sensors provide inexpensive and simple solutions to this kind of situations and they are quite easy to integrate in most embedded product designs.

However some applications require more data analysis than a simple Yes/No answer. In these cases, SignalQuest offers more sophisticated module solutions with high accuracy.

- How much pitch and roll angle did it change? (inclinometer)
- How much vibration did it experience? (vibration sensor)
- How much acceleration did it experience? (acceleration sensor)

Here are just some of the typical applications and benefits in using SignalQuest products.

  • RFID – Active tags/ Asset tags - both motion and tilt (SQ-SEN-200 + SQ-SEN-645B)
  • TPMS/Tyre Accessories – battery savings (SQ-SEN-200)
  • Gas & Power Meters - both motion and tilt (SQ-SEN-200 + SQ-SEN-645B)
  • Screen Orientation – (SQ-SEN-390 & SQ-SEN-6XX)
  • Gaming Consoles – player orientation (SQ-SEN-815)
  • Handheld GPS, dog collars, wireless mouse – wake on movement, battery savings (SQ-SEN-200)
  • Remote Controls – battery savings by angle of orientation (SQ-SEN-815)
  • Livestock Monitoring – activity monitor (SQ-SEN-645B)
  • Security – Motion detection in vehicles, perimeter fencing, tamper detection (SQ-SEN-200)
  • Portable Tour Systems – abuse detection (SQ-ASA-150)
  • Vending Machines – tilt detection (SQ-SEN-645B)
  • Bike lamps – light on movement - battery savings (SQ-SEN-200)
  • Gun Sight products – activate/deactivate optics on movement (SQ-SEN-200)
  • Shot Counters/Hit Counters – impact detection (SQ-ASA-150)
  • Lit Arrow Nock – lights arrow in flight (SQ-ASA-150)
  • Electric Heaters / Irons – tip over detection (SQ-SEN-645B)

 Watch SignalQuest SQ-GIX Dynamic Inclinometer video here

For more information on SignalQuest's MEMS microsensor products, please send us an email at