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Pervasive Displays and Energy Micro Creates Low Power e-Paper Solutions

Pervasive Displays Inc.® (PDi), designer and manufacturer of electronic paper modules for commercial and industrial display applications, announced its alliance with Energy Micro, now part of Silicon Labs and a global provider of energy friendly microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex™ processor.

Combining PDi’s low power e-paper display modules with Energy Micro’s prowess to create low power microcontrollers, this alliance enables design engineers to quickly and cost-effectively develop and prototype a wide range of low energy e-paper solutions to display dynamic content. 

Electronic paper is often considered to be more comfortable to read than conventional displays. This is due to the stable image, which does not need to be refreshed constantly, the wider viewing angle, and the fact that it reflects ambient light rather than emitting its own light. An ideal e-paper display can be read in direct sunlight without the image appearing to fade. The contrast ratio in available displays might be described as similar to that of newspaper, though newly-developed implementations are slightly better. 

Pervasive Displays provides ultra-low-power, active-matrix e-paper displays and reference designs for applications requiring high resolution, high contrast, wide viewing angle, sunlight readability and especially low energy consumption.


To enable easy and fast demonstrations of e-paper solutions, Energy Micro offers sample codes for EFM32 Giant Gecko starter kit that works with PDi's extension kit for 1.44", 2" and 2.7" e-paper displays. The 32-bit EFM32 Gecko microcontroller family has ultra-low energy consumption, a modern and powerful ARM Cortex-M3 CPU and has a vast array of tools like real time, accurate energy and power profiling. It is the perfect development platform for an ultra-low power display where low energy consumption and showing of dynamic content are critical.

This combined development platform makes it ideal for demonstrating applications in various areas like electronic shelf labels in retail, warehouse and logistic applications, reusable container labels, kanban cards, factory automation, warehouse picking stalls, shop floor conveyor systems, and unlimited other digital display options.

For more information on Pervasive Displays and Energy Micro Giant Gecko development kits, please send us an email at