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Wall-Mount Omni offers compact solution for 4G/LTE connectivity

EAD LCO7270The new LCO7270 series from EAD is a 4G / LTE multiband wall-mount omni antenna. Covering a frequency range from 690- 2700 MHz, the LCO7270 series is designed for continuous outdoor use. It is groundplane independent therefore it doesn't need a metal surface to operate effectively.

With a durable Luran sheath, passivated alumimum base l with an optional zinc plated finish L-bracket, the antenna offers a compact solution for routers, modems and access devices using 4G, LTE, 3G and cellular (2G) services.

With a gain of 2 to 3 dBi across the bands and a VSWR of 2.7:1 or better, the LCO7270 can be combined with a variety of low loss cables to provide a tailored solution for wall-mounted antenna solution.

Options with an L-Bracket and without bracket are available to purchase from our Glyn Store.