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10.11.2005  GLYN AUSTRALIA Moves to New Sydney Office
01.11.2005  UNIVISION Releases 1.5" Colour OLED (Organic LED) Module into Mass Production
12.10.2005  TELIT Releases Combined GSM/GPRS with GPS Module
20.08.2005  FASTRAX Announces New Ultra Compact iTrax03-S OEM GPS Receiver
20.07.2005  GLYN Appointed Exclusive Distributor for MAXWELL Ultracapacitors
19.07.2005  UNIVISION Releases New 132 X 64 OLED Display
01.07.2005  GLYN Appointed Australia and New Zealand distributor for MICRONAS
15.06.2005  MICRO LINEAR Releases 900Mhz FSK Transceiver
03.06.2005  SIERRA MONOLITHICS Releases Dual Band WiMAX Transceiver
09.05.2005  EDT Releases 128x64 COG White LED Backlight Module


GLYN AUSTRALIA Moves to New Sydney Office

From 10 November 2005, Glyn Australia operations have moved to a new office location in Sydney.

New Address:

    Suite 7/201 Lakeside Corporate Centre
    29-31 Solent Circuit, Norwest Business Park
    Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia 2154
    Ph (02) 8850 0320  Fax (02) 8850 0370.
    PO Box 7838
    Baulkham Hills Business Centre
    Baulkham Hills
    NSW 2153 Australia


UNIVISION Releases 1.5" Colour OLED (Organic LED) Module into Mass Production

This new OLED module product release from Univision (distributor: GLYN) complements the earlier 0.95” model released earlier this year.

In a 128mm x 128mm configuration with a pixel size of only 0.055mm x 0.19mm, the optical clarity is excellent.

With 262K colours, an NTSC ratio of 85% and frame rate of 100 frame/second, it means full motion video can be played, adding a unique selling point.

The display has a viewing angle close to 180° and a minimum brightness of 80cd/m2 with a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

Ready-to-use evaluation boards are available to assist in early development and trial.

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TELIT Releases Combined GSM/GPRS with GPS Module

Telit (distributor: GLYN) has released it latest Trizium GSM/GPRS module this time with a combined GPS chipset. It has a connector for easy product integration. The GSM/GPRS and GPS can be connected together or independently allowing full custom choice.  Glyn now has stock of an evaluation board for customer loan to evaluate the benefits of this solution. An outline of some of the features available from the module as are follows

Tri-band E-GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS class 10 MS class B

Receiver 12 channel, L1 1575,42 MHz
External antenna activation monitor
Single conversion @IF=4.092 MHz
Consumption typical 150 mW
Accuracy (DOP 95 %) : 3m in horizontal, 5m in vertical
Hot start < 3 s, Warm start < 32 s, cold start <60s

Telephony, Emergency, Half/Full/Enhanced Full rates
Superior echo cancellation & Noise reduction
Handset & Hands-free operations

SIM Phonebook management
Fixed Dialling Number (FDN)
Real Time Clock
Alarm Management
Battery charger
“EASY GPRS” TCP/IP Internal Stack
“EASY CAMERA” colour camera support
"EASY SCAN” to scan all the GSM channel
“EASY SCRIPT” run a script within the module (PYTHON version)


FASTRAX Announces New Ultra Compact iTrax03-S OEM GPS Receiver

New GPS Receiver Offers Ideal Combination of Compact Size, Very High Sensitivity and Ultra-Low Power Consumption for Demanding Location-Based GPS Applications.

Fastrax Ltd (distributor: GLYN), a leading provider of programmable OEM GPS receivers and open, portable OEM GPS Software Development Kit environments, today announced the latest generation of the company's industry-leading receiver products.

With its tiny form factor and ultra-low power consumption, the new Fastrax iTrax03-S receiver is ideally suited to a wide range of demanding location-based applications.

The iTrax03-S is packaged in an extremely compact 16 x 19 mm surface-mount module. The design eliminates the need for expensive and labor-intensive system and RF connectors. With fewer on-board components, device cost for manufacturers is reduced considerably. The addition of an antenna and power supply is all that is required to make the iTrax03-S operational.

The iTrax03-S has a very high navigation sensitivity of up to –153 dBm, making the receiver ideally suited for use in difficult urban canyon environments. With its ultra-low power consumption of less than 95 mW at 2.7 V, the iTrax03-S is one of the most efficient 12-channel OEM GPS receivers on the market. Power management can be configured by the user.

The iTrax03-S is fully programmable with the Fastrax iSuite Software Development Kit (SDK). The programmability of the receiver, along with its 8 Mbit flash memory, allows custom applications to be executed on the receiver's baseband processor, eliminating the need for separate CPU and memory chips. Furthermore, the firmware and application code can be upgraded remotely when necessary.

Key features of the iTrax03-S receiver include:
- Tiny form factor: 16.2 mm x 18.8 mm x 2.8 mm
- Ultra-low power consumption: 95 mW @ 2.7 V
- Very high sensitivity: –153 dBm (Navigation)
- iTALK and NMEA0183 protocols
- Kalman navigation
- Support for remote firmware updating
- Data logger with up to 37,000 data points (latitude/longitude)
- A-GPS support
- Versatile interface ports
- iSUITE™3 SDK Software Development Kit


GLYN Appointed Exclusive Distributor for MAXWELL Ultracapacitors

Glyn is pleased to announce it has taken on the distribution for Maxwell Ultracapacitors for Australia and New Zealand. Maxwell is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. These ultracapacitors are used for energy storage and delivery of bursts of power for applications ranging from consumer electronics to hybrid diesel/electric buses.

Maxwell Technologies’ BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor as compared to batteries delivery up to 10 times the power, last up to 10 times as long, operate more reliably in high and low temperature conditions, require far less maintenance and reduce environmental issues associated with battery disposal.


UNIVISION Releases New 132 X 64 OLED Display

Univision (distributor: GLYN) has released a 132 x 64 resolution four-area colour OLED display. The UG-3264GMCAT01 measures 29.464mm and the majority of the screen is lit in blue.

Four smaller areas along the top of the display can be displayed in yellow, orange, green and light blue.

The display has an onboard TCP controller, is 1.8mm thick and weighs only 2.2g. It operates from 2.4V to 3.5V and has an operating temperature of -20°C to 70°C. It has a contrast ratio of more than 100:1 and a viewing angle of over 160°.

The display has a refresh rate of 100 frames a second, which means it is suitable for full motion video.

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MICRONAS signs GLYN as its distributor for Australia, New Zealand

Glyn has been appointed the sole distributor for Micronas in Australia and New Zealand.

Micronas, a semiconductor designer and manufacturer with worldwide operations, is a leading supplier of cutting-edge IC and sensor solutions for consumer and automotive electronics.

As a market leader in innovative global TV system solutions, Micronas leverages its expertise into new markets emerging through the digitization of audio and video content.

Micronas produces 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers for the automotive and industrial markets. The 32-bit microcontroller family is based on an ARM7TDMI CPU core with up to 1Mbit onboard Flash, and 32K RAM. They have a range of peripherals including CAN (up to four channels), LCD control, real time clock, SPI, UART, up to five stepper motor control, a H bridge drive, and a 10-bit ADC. A full suite of development tools and software for development are also available.

Micronas also produces hall effect sensors and switches which are suitable for applications that need pressure sensors, liquid level or flow, brushless dc motors and contactless switching.

For consumer and PC electronics, Micronas produces a wide range of products such as DVB-T digital channel decoding, MPEG decoder, audio signal processing ICs such as MP3/AAC encoder/decoder, and USB audio ICs.


MICRO LINEAR Releases 900Mhz FSK Transceiver

Micro Linear (distributor: GLYN) has released the ML2722E 900MHz, direct-conversion 1.5Mbps FSK transceiver optimised for low power and high bit rates. It provides 12 non-overlapping channels in the 902MHz to 928MHz band, the upper six channels are ACA-approved. The transceiver can run on its own or with the ML2751 companion chip providing +18dbm transmit power. Average on chip Rx and Tx current is 50mA, however due to the low lock up time it is capable of waking up from standby (10μA quiescent) and completing an RSSI on all 12 channels within 666μs or 33.3μA total. The ML2722E can also be placed in power down mode, further reducing power consumption.

The ML2722E has a single-chip, ISM band, 900MHz radio transceiver with on chip -1dBm Tx power. It has a typical receiver sensitivity of -95dBm and a low IF receiver. No external IF filters are required.

It has a simple digital interface with built-in sequencing for external PA and LNA, a three-wire control interface, analogue RSSI with -95dBm sensitivity, a -30ºC to 80ºC temperature range and a 32-pin TQFP 7mm body.


SIERRA MONOLITHICS Releases Dual Band WiMAX Transceiver

Sierra Monolithics (distributor: GLYN) has released a dual-band transceiver that enables low-cost customer premise equipment (CPE) for broadband wireless access (BWA) applications. It has been designed to support WiMAX-compliant products.

The SMI7035 is a dual-band transceiver incorporating full receive and transmit paths with on-chip synthesizers and VCOs. It tunes over 2.3GHz to 2.7GHz and 3.3GHz to 3.8GHz. The 3.3GHz to 3.8GHz transmitter offers 55dB of gain control range and greater than 35dB error vector magnitude (EVM). The receiver has an input range of -100dBm to -20dBm and is designed to operate in an interference-limited environment. The on-chip synthesizer has about 1° rms and a settling time of less than 80μs. The single IC with wide tuning range allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to address the wide variety of different frequencies being used worldwide with a single part. This lowers inventory costs for OEMs while reducing the cost of the RF section of the radio.

Sierra Monolithics also has evaluation kits available. The kits provide a complete RF section at 3.5GHz suitable for half-duplex frequency division duplex (FDD) or time division duplex (TDD) operation. Schematics and assembly information are provided. This evaluation kit is compatible with the Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface, the first IEEE 802.16-2004 system-on-chip optimised for cost-effective WiMAX modems and residential gateways. The SMI7035 dual-band transceiver and development kit provide a low-cost, high-performance RF solution that is ETSI-mask-compliant and supports 64 QAM performance. This will enable OEMs to rapidly adopt WiMAX technology.


EDT Releases 128x64 COG White LED Backlight Module

EDT (distributor: GLYN) has released the ES13BB0 (128 x 64) display with white LED backlighting. It uses chip on glass technology (COG) to reduce its size without sacrificing viewing area. It is suitable for text and graphic applications in handheld portable devices where size, power consumption, and quality are concerns.

It has an operating temperature range from -20°C to 70°C and a viewing angle of 40°. The integration of a white LED backlight allows the module to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The display supports eight-bit parallel or serial interfaces and has a built in dc/dc converter for ease of design.

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