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15.11.2004  GLYN Appointed Australian and New Zealand Distributor for MICRO LINEAR
18.10.2004  GLYN Opens Australian Office
18.10.2004  EDT Releases New 5.7" FSTN Colour Module
01.10.2004  MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Purchases TOSHIBA Semiconductors' Power-Module Business
15.09.2004  MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Launches New S-band High Power Amplifier Module



GLYN Appointed Australian and New Zealand Distributor for MICRO LINEAR

Glyn Ltd has signed a distribution contract with Micro Linear in the USA to act as its sole distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Micro Linear provides integrated circuit solutions for low-cost, short-range wireless and networking applications. Its wireless product line ranges from the industry first single-chip 5.8GHz RF transceiver IC to the highly successful 900MHz and 2.4GHz RF transceiver IC lines. Micro Linear's networking product line provides the most complete fiber optic and copper media conversion solutions.


GLYN is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Sydney, Australia.

Dean Sarelius has been appointed Australian Sales Manager. Contact details are as follows:

Delivery address
Level 2, Suite 1A
802 Pacific Highway
Gordon, NSW 2072

Ph +61 2 9844 5439
Fax +61 2 9498 1300

Postal address
Locked Bag 1009
Gordon N.S.W 2072


EDT releases new 5.7" FSTN colour module

Intensive research and development efforts in LCD fluids, polarizers, and color filter combinations have provided EDT (distributor: GLYN) with one of the finest color displays in the marketplace today. By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniquesdesigned to improve yield rates and efficiency, EDT’s color panels are able to generate high-quality pictures capable of supporting up to 65,000 different colors while maintaining low costs.

EDT now proudly presents the newest edition to its LCD selection with the ER0570 series. Featuring TRUECOLOR™ technology, ER0570 is a 320 (RGB) x 240 color LCD module with a 5.7” diagonal active area. The ER0570 series excels in its adaptation capability. The integrated backlight system allows the ER0570 to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. DC-to-DC and temperature compensation circuits are available to customers as optional extra, as is a Touch Panel version. Two mechanical outline types are available, including the industry common “Hitachi” format. Furthermore mechanical compatibility has been kept in line with EDT’s traditional monochrome EW32F10 series allowing for easy transition no matter the cost and performance budget.



MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION Purchases TOSHIBA Semiconductors’ Power-Module Business

Mitsubishi Electric (distributor: GLYN) today announced the purchase of Toshiba’s Power Semiconductor business. The business transfer will formally take place on 1st October 2004.

Toshiba’s Power Semiconductor Power-Module and Transistor Module business will be transferred to Mitsubishi, excluding MOS-FET Modules and High Voltage devices over 1700V and over 1200A.

Mitsubishi and Toshiba have been working together for some time to ensure the changeover is made in a smooth and efficient manner. These changes have been communicated to all of Toshiba Semiconductor’s customers.

Mitsubishi Electric semiconductor products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Glyn Ltd. Glyn will take over the sales, distribution and technical support associated with these products.



MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Launches New S-band High Power Amplifier Module

Mitsubishi Electric (distributor: GLYN) has developed a new S-band (2.5-2.7GHz) amplifier module which has high output power, high gain and low distortion.  The module is for transmission usage as part of the Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution Service (MMDS), which provides wireless broadband internet access to household users via fixed radio base stations. Recently MMDS, which is capable of covering a range of 30km from each individual fixed base station, has been one of the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) systems drawing considerable attention.  MMDS was traditionally used for uni-directional cable television services.  However, with the addition of a bi-directional communication capability it now allows for wireless broadband connection services, the market for which looks set to expand significantly in years to come.  

In order to increase usage of these services, a means of making cheaper the equipment required by household users to enable a wireless broadband connection is currently being sought.  However, lowering the cost of modules has been made problematic due to the fact that in order to reduce the negative effect of interference with other users of MMDS, a transmission device possessing high linearity and low distortion is absolutely necessary.  In response to this problem, Mitsubishi Electric developed this new, low-cost S-band amplifier module, which possesses a saturation power of 30W. 

Looking to the future, Mitsubishi Electric intends to continue to be extremely active in developing products capable of enabling wireless broadband access on alternative bandwidths in countries all over the world.  The new S-band amplifier module allows for high quality transmission from radio base stations, and thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive HFET1 device technology a saturation power of 30W was achieved.  At a high output power, such as 34.5dBm (approx. 2.8W), the linear gain is high (21dB) and distortion is very low (minus 60dBc), and yet there is no interference with other channels.  Plus, due to the use of a new module structure the price is nearly half that of its discrete device predecessor, providing a significant saving to household users.  Finally, as the module possesses an internal matching circuit, the load on the matching circuit in the equipment required by household users is eliminated.