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EAD Introduces GPS-Stubby Active Antenna

EAD GPS StubbyDesigned with GPS-enabled devices in mind where an external GPS antenna is required, but where the application would be better served with an antenna without a jumper cable, the GPS Stubby can be mounted directly onto a SMA-Female panel mount connector on the device itself.

It is an ideal solution for portable systems such as telemetry, geological and surveying products where cabled GPS antennas would just get in the way. Beyond this there is no reason why taxi metering systems, telematics terminals and other GPS-based devices shouldn’t use the GPS-Stubby instead of window-mount, magnetic-mount and screw-mount GPS antennas.

The key features of this antenna are:

• GPS Active Antenna
• 26 dB LNA Gain
• SMA-Male Straight or Right Angle Connector
• Compact and Durable Sheath
• CE-Marked Solution

First samples will be available from Glyn Store webshop in late January 2012.