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Microsensor Manufacturer SignalQuest Signs Distribution Agreement with Glyn

SignalQuestLeading USA-based microsensor manufacturer SignalQuest has recently signed up Glyn High-Tech Distribution as its distributor for Australia and New Zealand. 

SignalQuest designs and manufactures electronic sensors that measure tilt angle, acceleration, shock, vibration and movement as well as application specific intertial measurement devices.  All of SignalQuest's products are designed, manufactured and tested in their factories in New Hampshire, USA.

Benefits in using SignalQuest micro sensors include:
- battery savings by waking up on movement detection (e.g. active RFID tags, handheld GPS, dog collars, remote control units, consumer electronics, wireless mouse, bike lamps, gun sight optics, TPMS/tyre accessories)
- security and tamper detection with both motion and tilt sensing (e.g. gas and power meters, perimeter fencing, vending machines, house arrest station, manhole monitoring)
- safety (e.g. electric heaters tip over detection)
- activity monitoring (e.g. remote vehicle monitoring, livestock monitoring)
- orientation detection (e.g. photo frames, gaming consoles, medical wands)
- inclination detection (e.g. solar panels, wind turbines, platform leveling)
- impact detection (e.g. shot counters/hit counters)

For more information on SignalQuest products, please send us an email at