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E-Paper Manufacturer Pervasive Displays Appoints Glyn as Distributor

Pervasive Displays Leading e-paper display panel manufacturer Pervasive Displays has partnered with Glyn High-Tech Distribution to be its distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Electronic paper is often considered to be more comfortable to read than conventional displays. This is due to the stable image, which does not need to be refreshed constantly, the wider viewing angle, and the fact that it reflects ambient light rather than emitting its own light. An ideal e-paper display can be read in direct sunlight without the image appearing to fade. The contrast ratio in available displays might be described as similar to that of newspaper, though newly-developed implementations are slightly better.

Pervasive Displays provides ultra-low-power, active-matrix E-Paper displays and reference designs for applications requiring high resolution, high contrast, wide viewing angle, sunlight readability and especially low energy consumption.

Pervasive Displays provides a standard line of e-paper display (EPD) modules ranging in size from 1.44” to 10.2”. (Custom sizes available for large volume). These low-power active matrix EPDs use an E Ink film and TFT backplane from Chi Mei.

Development kits and demo kits using various MCU platforms are also available.

For more information on Pervasive Displays products, please send us an email at