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Bluegiga Launches BLE113 -- a Smaller and Lower Power Bluetooth Smart Module

Bluegiga BLE113 Bluegiga Technologies, a leading provider ofBluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity modules and available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution, recently announced its new BLE113BluetoothSmart module. The BLE113 is an addition to the BluegigaBluetooth Smart product family, offering thirty percent lower peak power consumption, thirty percent smaller size and a hardware I2C interface simplifying connectivity to MEMS peripheral sensors. BLE113 also includes features, such as on-board application hosting, flexible peripheral interfaces, and very low power sleep modes.

Our BLE112 was one of the first Bluetooth Smart modules on the market when it was launched in 2010. By launching our BLE113 we want to maintain our leadership position in Bluetooth Smart and provide our customers a feature rich module that supports long battery life applications in a significantly smaller footprint.“, comments Mikko Savolainen, VP of Product Management and Marketing.

One of the main benefits of BLE113 Bluetooth Smart module is its capability to host custom applications. The Bluegiga Bluetooth Smart SDK allows applications to be developed for the BLE113 with the Bluegiga BGScriptTMscripting language. In addition, Bluetooth Smart profiles can be quickly developed with the Bluegiga Profile ToolkitTM.

BLE113 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Bluetooth v. 4.0, single mode compliant
    • Supports master and slave modes
    • Up to eight connections
  • Integrated Bluetooth Smart stack
    • GAP, GATT, L2CAP and SMP
    • Bluetooth Smart profiles
  • Radio performance
    • Transmit power : 0 dBm to -23 dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity: -93 dBm
  • Ultra low current consumption
    • Transmit: 18.2 mA (0 dBm)
    • Transmit: 14.3 mA (0 dBm and DC/DC)
    • Receive: 14.3 mA
    • Sleep mode 3: 0.4 uA
  • Flexible peripheral interfaces
    • UART and SPI
    • I2C, PWM and GPIO
    • 12-bit ADC
  • Host interface:
    • UART
  • On-board application hosting for stand-alone operation
  • Dimensions: 9.15 x 15.75 x 1.9 mm
  • Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC, South Korea and Japan qualified
Engineering samples and development kits will be available from Bluegiga's authorized distributors in April 2013. Mass production is in June 2013.

For more details on Bluegiga BLE113 module, please send us an email at