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  • Power Line Communication ICs
  • Power Line Communication Modules
  • Evaluation & Development Kits

Yitran Communications, formerly known as ITRAN Communications, is a leading provider of cutting edge power line modem technology. Yitran designs and develops proprietary digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits for power line communications, used in various applications including home automation and networking, energy management and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), Internet appliances, and control applications over existing electrical infrastructure.

Yitran offers a wide spectrum of broadband and narrowband solutions aimed at home networking, residential access and home automation markets. Yitran delivers advanced, extremely reliable, low-cost, high-speed home networking components for the implementation of broadband and narrowband control networks over power lines. Yitran also develops an advanced line of reliable long-distance components that enable transmission control, telemetry and low-speed data transmission.

20.04.2010 - Yitran’s IT700 Powerline Communication IC & Module Target Smart Grid and Smart Home Applications more
05.11.2008 - Yitran Announces IT700 Powerline Communication Controller Designed for Energy Management and the Smart Home   more
18.08.2006 - HomePlug Powerline Alliance Selects Yitran for Command and Control Technology    more
02.08.2006 - Power Line Communication Developer Yitran Appoints Glyn as its OEM Distributor for Australia, New Zealand    more


Narrowband PLC Applications

  • AMR (Automated Meter Reading) & Energy Management
  • Command & Control
  • Security



Broadband PLC Applications

  • Home Entertainment
  • Home Networking
  • SOHO
  • xDSL / Cable Modem Extension
  • Internet Access / Mini-Access



The IT800 Series includes highly reliable Power Line Communication Command and Control ICs (up to 7.5Kbps).

  • IT800D - SoC (System on a Chip) device that incorporates IT800 PHY with a microprocessor that runs Yitran's DLL (Data Link Layer) firmware (stored on-chip). The IT800D provides all the benefits of Yitran's high performance DLL (Adaptive back-off CSMA/CA channel access, ACK/unACK services, retransmissions and more) on top the IT800 PHY. The IT800D is an ideal solution for a variety of products, where usage of the IT800D enables coexistence with other proprietary and standard solutions (based on Yitran"S IT800 PHY and DLL).

    The HomePlug Powerline Alliance, the leading open standards-based organisation for power line communication technologies supported by major semiconductor and electronic equipment manufacturers worldwide, has also chosen the IT800 technology as the baseline for its HomePlug Command and Control (HPCC) standard.

  • IT800SCP  - SoC device developed as the result of the collaboration between Microsoft and Yitran. It incorporates the IT800 PHY with a microprocessor that runs Yitran's DLL and Microsoft SCP (Simple Control Protocol) complete firmware stack (both stored on-chip).

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IT800D STK (Starter Kit) for Yitran's IT800P Host PC Application Evaluation, Testing and Product Development.      
  • Ideal for Security, Home Automation, Command and Control applications development, evaluation and testing - set-up a complete multi-node network using STK units as PC connected or stand-alone nodes
  • Low cost, small size single board unit
  • Seamless connection to a PC running Yitran's Host PC Applications ( IT800P ).
  • On--board Host microprocessor enables a complete stand-alone implementation

IT800 DVK (Development Kit) for fast seamless evaluation and development of Power Line Communications solutions - complete flexibility using plug-in module

  • 2-3-5 Development Kit - this unique package consists of 2 EVBs (Evaluation Boards), 3 additional IT800 Modules and 5 IT800 samples
  • EVB consist of a mother board and replaceable IT800 Plug-In Module (PIM) - reuse your DVK per your market needs and have the flexibility to develop a variety of solutions
  • IT800 PIM available for world wide regulations compliance (FCC, ARIB & CENELEC)
  • IT800P and IT800D PIM
  • Ideal for AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), Security, Home Automation, Command and Control applications development
  • Additional IT800 PIM units can also be ordered separately

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Main Features & Benefits

  •   2.5Mbps Power line communications (PLC) modem (Physical layer)
  •   Utilizes Yitran's ACSK patent-pending technology providing extremely high communication reliability
  •   Patent pending non-conventional high rate low redundancy error correction code for further communication robustness
  •   Extremely high in-phase and cross-phase reliability - no need for a coupler between phases.
  •   High immunity to signal fading, various noise characteristics, impedance modulation and phase/frequency distortion
  •   Configurable data rate and power control per packet
  •   Channel quality indication to upper layers
  •   3 channel frequency diversity
  •   Configurable transmission spectrum to comply with world wide regulations
  •   Simple serial Host interface
  •   Seamless interface to Yitran's ITC1 Hardware MAC IC for complete PLC node implementation (with Yitran's software MAC - ITMAC)
  •   Co-exist with IT800 based solutions
  •   Ideal for "No New Wires" Networking, xDSL/Cable Modem Extension, Speaker Extension, VoIP and Last Mile/Inch Applications

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2.5Mbps Power Line Communications PHY (Physical Layer) and MAC (Media Access Control) Chipset

Main Features & Benefits
  • Implementation of a complete low cost highly reliable 2.5Mbps PLC node
  • ITM1 Physical Layer
  • Power line optimized MAC layer
  • MAC implemented by ITC1 (hardware MAC) IC and Software MAC 
  • Interfaces: USB 1.1, MII and Yitran's P8 parallel embedded interface
  • Chipset based Engineering Reference Design (ERD) samples and full production package is available for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Ideal for “No New Wires” networking, xDSL/cable modem extension, speaker extension, VoIP and in-door communications


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Yitran's Next Generation Modem IC for "No New Wires" Broadband Networking, Multimedia and "Last Mile" applications

Main Features & Benefits

  •  24Mbps power line communications (PLC) modem
  •  Highly integrated device incorporates MAC (Medium Access Control) and PHY (Physical layer)
  •  Innovative Adaptive Spread Spectrum transmission technique provides communication reliability and robustness
  •  Convolution encoding and Viterbi decoding error correction code for further communication robustness
  •  Extremely high in-phase and cross-phase reliability - there is no need for a coupler between phases
  •  High immunity to signal fading, various noise characteristics, impedance modulation and phase/frequency distortion (power line characteristics)
  •  Configurable transmission spectrum to comply with worldwide regulations
  •  Power line optimized CSMA/CA line access using unique RTS/CTS mechanism
  •  Physical and virtual carrier sense functions ensure minimum collisions on the channel
  •  Support for short packet transmission without RTS/CTS
  •  QoS (priorities, limit for channel capture time, adaptive back-off and more)
  •  Rate and power adaptation to channel quality
  •  Support for transmission of single Ethernet packet in one burst
  •  ARQ and partial ARQ
  •  Unicast, broadcast and multicast transmissions
  •  DES encryption with public key management
  •  Ethernet 10/100 MAC
  •  MII and P8 (proprietary parallel for embedded solutions) MAC interfaces and SPI8 PHY interface
  •  Co-exist with IT800 based solutions
  •  Ideal for "No New Wires" Broadband Networking, Multimedia and "Last Mile"/"Last Inch" Applications
  •  Will be introduces to the market in 2006.

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