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Antenova M10478-A1

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  • GPS Receiver Modules
  • GPS Receiver Modules with Integrated Antenna


Antenova M10478-A5 (Fastrax IT520 Replacement)

Antenova M10478Based on Mediatek MT3337 GPS SoC, Glyn in collaboration with our GPS partner Antenova can offer a pin out and functional replacement module to the Fastrax UBlox IT520 GPS Module.

This can only be purchased through Glyn. For details on the schematic and pricing please email sales@glyn.com.au








Antenova M10478-A1 (Fastrax UC430 Replacement)

Antenova M10478-A1The Antenova M10478-A1 GPS module uses the same SiRF4 chipset and has the same physical size as Fastrax UC430 GPS module. The pinout is different so some small changes will need to be made but it is functionally similar.

For more information and to purchase, click here.







Antenova M10478-A2 (Fastrax UC530 Replacement)

The Antenova M10478-A2 uses the latest Mediatek MT3337 GPS SoC and has the same size yet better performance than Fastrax UC530 GPS module.

For more information contact sales@glyn.com.au.


Antenova M10478-A3 (Fastrax UC530M Replacement)

The Antenova M10478-A3 uses the latest Mediatek MT3333 multi-GNSS receiver SoC. It has the same size and similar performance to Fastrax UC530M GPS module but available at lower cost!

For more information contact sales@glyn.com.au.


Glyn UP300 Replacement (Fastrax UP300 Replacement)

Glyn has developed a module with the same connector and similar size to the UP300 GPS antenna module using SIRF4 chipset and therefore offers superior performance.

For more information contact sales@glyn.com.au.