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Riverdi designs and manufactures compact and cost effective intelligent display modules using the latest state of the art TFT LCD technology.


We recommend two TFT controllers: the FT8xx chip by FTDI and SSD1963 by Solomon Systech. Each of them is dedicated to a different method of driving the TFT module.
SSD1963 is a 1 MB memory where you can write your display data. This controller has basic transforming options such as mirroring and flipping. All animation should be given as a mathematical calculation.

Screen sizes

Possessing a wide range of products, we offer the most popular display sizes on the TFT display industrial market. In our offer you can find 2.83” (240 x 320), 3.5” (320 x 240), 4.3” (480 x 272), 5” (800 x 600) and 7” (800 x 600) displays. .


Choosing a proper display often depends on interface requirements. Our displays can be driven by serial interface SPI or QSPI. This option is standard in TFT modules with FT8xx controllers.

Another way to drive a TFT module is using a parallel interface. This is possible with all TFT modules driven by an SSD1963 controller.

The most basic and at the same time difficult way is applying an RGB interface. Choosing this option, you can drive TFT displays which have no FT8xx or SSD1963 controller.

Next option is LVDS, high speed digital interface popularly used in computer. The main feature is low power consumption and reliability in high noise environment.

Our wide range of available interfaces allows you to use displays in different types of applications, starting with applications based on microprocessors and ending with those based on industrial computers.

Touch screens

The TFT module is an input and output interface device in your application. To input data, you can simply use one of two types of touch panels.

Resistive Touch Panel (RTP) - this type allows you to use only one touch point and requires touch pressure on the surface. Please note, that when using RTP luminance transmittance of the display is reduced by around 20%.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen (PCT) - using PCT you can get up to five touch points and the luminance is reduced by only around 10%.

uxTouch is a capacitive touchscreen with a decorative cover glass. Displays of the uxTouch series characterize high quality decor. Side edges are C-cut. This means that they are grinded into the shape of the letter ‘C’. Thanks to such solution, uxTouch is an ideal product to apply in a project where aesthetics matter.

It is also worth mentioning, that all FT8xx chips are equipped with a built-in touch engine. This means that you only have to read touch coordinates from the FT8xx chip. You do not need to drive the touchscreen.