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e-Paper Panels

Pervasive Displays

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Pervasive Displays is a leader in commercial and industrial e-paper display technology. PDI offers a wide range of ultra-low-power displays and supporting electronics to enable the most innovative new commercial display applications. Utilizing advanced, high-resolution e-paper technology, PDI delivers displays that provide a low-power, easy-to-read, rugged alternative to conventional technologies such as LCD, EL, VF and others.


Panel Size Image Description
1.44" 1.44" e-Paper This panel is ideally suited for electronic shelf labels.
2.0" 2" e-Paper This 2", 200 x 96 resolution (111dpi) panel is popular for electronic shelf labels, medical devices, and mobile applications.
2.7" 2.7" e-Paper The 2.7" panel has resolution of 264 x 176 (117 dpi). It is ideal for mobile devices requiring slightly larger and higher-resolution displays or electronic price tags for higher-end data rich products.
3" QVGA 3" QVGA e-Paper The 3" QVGA has a square-like design with a resolution of 240 x 320 (133dpi). The panel is appropriate for many graphical and data-intensive applications such as industrial equipment displays and logistics identification tags.
4.41" 4.41" e-Paper The 4.41" panel has a resolution of 400 x 300 (113 dpi) with a contrast ratio of 10:1 thanks to E Ink's Pearl front plane laminate.
7.4" 7.4" e-Paper This 7.4" panel has a resolution of 480 x 800 (126dpi) and is intended for higher visibility, graphic intensive applications.
10.2" 10.2" e-Paper PDI's largest current product, the 10.2" panel, also provides the highest resolution at 1024 x 1280 (160 dpi).
Demo Kit

e-Paper Demo Kit


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E Ink Technology

Founded by Chilin Technology (the display systems business within the Chi Mei Group) Pervasive Displays Inc. (PDI) is a pioneer in the area of industrial e-paper displays using E Ink imaging film to deliver ultra-low-power panels in a variety of sizes from a 1.44" e-tag to a 10.2" tablet. By partnering with E Ink, the industry leader in e-paper film, PDI's produces "electrophoretic displays" that are bistable in nature i.e., they require no power to maintain an image on the screen.

e-ink Technology

Pervasive Displays e-Paper Modules

PDI assembles e-paper modules by adding the E Ink film on top of Chilin's active-matrix TFT backplane and then covering it with a protective sheet. The panel is driven by PDI's chip on glass ICs and timing control software, which is stored and executed on a micro controller on the attached printed circuit board.

e-paper modules